jueves, 25 de diciembre de 2008

"Made in China"

Love. A most complicated, beautiful thing in our lives. In one level or another we aim for love and think that the finding of a partner is sign of a successful life. We dream of love, love is everywhere.. books, movies, tv. Ah, love is indeed most found in cinema and literature, both forms of art where fiction is very often found. And so I found myself wondering.. is love fictional too? Is it yet another manufactured product in a society where ideas are built and then sold to us? It might just be.
For the record: Cynicism is not the trigger of such thoughts for I've never been that kind of person, but a series of experiences and late year pondering.
Ready? Here we go.
Let's start by defining the term "being in love". When you find yourself attracted to someone you "feel butterflies", you can't stop smiling when you're with them and you think about that person non-stop. What we have here to begin with is attraction, nature's way of making sure our race does not end up extinct. Hormones are the lead actors in these attraction, there is biological chemistry, our bodies telling us to reproduce. Simple science. This should not be conceived as anything more than the prevalence of a very important species. But then someone thought it might be fun to give this chemical reactions a deeper meaning and someone came up with the word "love".
God only knows how long ago did this happen but taking a step into more recent years, we have a big participant is this possible scam: Disney. Girls reading this know where I'm heading.. Disney movies molded all the concepts we have in our minds about love. Who should you love? A prince charming: handsome, sincere, loving, rich.. perfect. How do you know he loves you? True love's kiss. How long does love last? Forever.
See how these are ideas planted in our brains to explain the fluttering of silly little hormones?
It really makes me wonder.. is that how love should really be? Are any of this expectations half real? Is love real at all?
Better check for a "Made in China" tag next time your possible prince comes along...